"Down the ages, in all the mystery schools of the world, music has been used as one of the greatest helps for meditation, for this purpose only – because the outer music can trigger the inner music, it can create a synchronicity. 

Listening to the outer music, something can be stirred inside. That always happens when you are listening to music, great music: something inside you starts falling into one unity, a silence is created. 

For a few moments the crowd of so many quarrelling minds disappears, the marketplace in you disappears,
suddenly there is silence."   ~ OSHO 

Upcoming Events in 2023

Journey in Mindfulness ~ with Shastro
a sincere and playful approach to meditation to help you deepen your understanding and your practice

A meditation retreat centered not only around our sitting practice but that includes many other modalities like walking, dancing, singing and more. A multi-faceted experience where meditation is not experienced as something ‘serious’ but rather something that gives us pleasure when practiced with sincerity.
And most important we will look at how to  integrate it in our daily life.
This retreat in 2023 will happen in two different locations, Greece (in Afroz) and Italy (in Mandali)
See below for info:

Osho Afroz Meditation Center
July 4th/9th, Lesbos Island - Greece 

OSHO Afroz is located on the south west coast of the Greek Island of Lesvos near the traditional village of Eressos. It is to be found hidden among the shady olive groves of the Psinia plain and is surrounded by impressive volcanic mountains. The place is simple and rustic but the atmosphere is always very loving and welcoming. Staying in a tent or in a hut is not unusual and it's very reasonable in price. The night starry skies are some of the best I have ever seen!

Just 3 kilometers away lies the beach of Eressos, which is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in the Aegean Archipelago. It is host to bars, tavernas, coffee shops, water sports, a small outdoor movie theater. Further along there are quieter areas for those who seek solitude or naked bathing. Along the coastline are a variety of beaches that can be accessed by hired scooter, car or even a short walk. If you come for the retreat you should consider staying longer and explore all that,
it's well worth it. Contact Shastro to get info on how to register for the retreat. There are very few rooms in a stone building so if that is what you want the sooner you book the more chances you have to get one.
More info on Afroz Web Site.

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